The Fun In Bringing Home A New Kitten

Guest Post by Jessica. Bringing a new kitten into the home is a major decision, especially if other pets have already laid claim to the time and attention of the owners. A number of preparations must be made in advance of the kittens arrival. Purchasing a litter box, a scratching post, food and water dishes, and a variety of cat toys can help kittens settle into their new environment more easily. Additionally, appealing and nutritious food and cat dental treats are absolute requirements in order to keep the new addition to the family healthy and well-nourished and avoid tartar buildup on teeth. A pet bed is also a good investment, especially in households where pets are not welcome on the furniture.

While adult cats are often considered independent and self-sufficient, kittens require a great deal of contact with their owners in order to be happy and feel secure in their new home. Petting, snuggling, and playing with a kitten is an essential part of the socialization and bonding process; without it, kittens can develop undesirable behaviors and may even suffer psychological damage. Even older cats need a certain amount of play time, attention, and affection from their owners in order to be happy and content. This bonding time is usually fun for both the owner and the pet, and it can enhance the bonds of affection between them.

Play time can also be a learning experience for cats and kittens. It is commonly believed that cats cannot be trained; this is a myth, however, as cats have successfully been trained to perform a variety of tricks when properly motivated. Some cats have learned the following tricks:

  • Shaking hands
  • Speaking or meowing on command
  • Coming to their owners when called
  • Sitting
  • Standing
  • Using the toilet
  • Walking on a leash

The secret to training success is to reward them consistently with something they really want each time that they perform the desired action. An all-natural cat treat, like Whiskas Temptations Treats, can be used to motivate the cat and obtain the desired results. These types of rewards are especially useful since they do double duty as cat dental treats, reducing tartar deposits and eliminating bad breath odors.

The main point of cat-owner play time, however, is to have fun. Toy balls, feathers, yarn and other playthings can help amuse cats and kittens who may become bored and lonely during the hours when their owners are at work or school. Catnip-filled items can be a special treat, but caution should be exercised as some felines have extreme reactions to catnip and may become agitated or overly excited. Kittens should be watched and controlled during catnip play to ensure they do not injure themselves or others while under its influence. By sharing play time with pets and ensuring they receive the required veterinary kitten care and annual checkups, owners can look forward to many years of love and laughter with their new pet.

About the author:

Jessica writes about a wide variety of topics. She especially enjoys writing about pets. You can learn more about adult cats at

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