What’s Wrong With My Cat’s Eyes: Feline Vestibular Syndrome

Tortoiseshell CatGuest Post by Carolyn. One of the most curious health problems that plague our feline friends is called feline vestibular syndrome. Resulting from an off-kilter biological balance system, the cat starts to be unable to stay standing and continually falls over or go in circles. Additionally, cats become nauseous and their eyes start pulsating left-to-right as if they are seizing (or are possessed!). It’s an alarming scene to witness, but is (usually) not anything to be too concerned about.

In most cases, feline vestibular syndrome happens for no reason at all and merely needs some sort of antibiotic from your veterinarian. However, there are instances where this syndrome is the manifestation of some other more serious disease—that are why it is crucial to have your vet properly diagnose your cat.

While the disease is usually promptly remedied and the serious symptoms silenced, some cats develop a permanent head tilt after treatment. This can be disconcerting, but it does not seem to hinder any other normal cat functions. Generally, relapses rarely occur; just be sure to keep an eye on your cat’s motor skills in the weeks following successful treatment.

About the author:

Carolyn Heintz is a nutritionist, mother, and content editor for Life Line Screening. She just bought her first little kitten named Pebbles.

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