How To Make Your Cat Happy

Stock Photography: Orange Cat SleepingGuest Post by Elle-Rose. Your cats mental wellbeing is just as important as it’s physical health and nutrition. Many owners simply assume that their pet is “happy” and often, as there is no certain way to tell, many of us might become lazy in ensuring our pet is living a happy and fulfilled life.

It can be pretty difficult with cats, because unlike dogs they don’t express emotion and excitement in the same way. With dogs it is often blatantly obvious what their emotions are at any one time. With cats it can a little different, so it’s important you learn to pick up on the visual signs – and that you go out of your way to ensure they never feel negative or “down”.

Protect their environment

Cats are very territorial creatures so ensuring they have a space to call their own is important. Whether that be a basket, a corner of the room, or even an entire room (like the porch, or conservatory) this will be a great positive attribute for your cat. Having a place to protect and own is something cats love, so ensuring the space isn’t broken into is important too. If you have multiple pets, try not to let the other pets invade the space of the cat. So if you have a dog and a cat – try a keep the dog from falling asleep in the cat’s basket.

Vary their diet

Cats are fond of their food – and cats will appreciate a variety of food in their diet too. Imagine how bored you would be if every day you were presented with the same meal? It’s the same with animals. Even if the variety is as simply as dry food in the morning and wet food in the evening – every little helps. A nice treat every now and again helps too.

Have quality time

As with any pet, to keep them happy you need to devote quality time to them and really treasure the time you spend with them. Cats are very tactile and if they allow you to stroke them and cuddle them – this should be your number one priority. When you get home from work – instead of sitting for hours with your laptop on your knee, sit for a while with your cat there instead. It’s makes them feel more valued and part of your life – which is important for keeping them happy.

Have play time

Keeping a cat active is very important as they are often stereotyped as being lazy and sleepy. You can’t really take your cat out for a walk – but by playing with it and keeping it on its toes they’ll be active for a little while at least. A healthy animal is a happy one and also, a playful cat is a happy one. So this works double!

About the author:

Elle-Rose works as a writer for Pet365, who are the perfect place for all your pet accessory needs.

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  1. Fantastic post – spending quality time with your cat is so important.

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