Keeping Your Cat Safe in Your Garden

Guest Post by Helen. The list of plants that are poisonous or toxic to cats is very long. What lengths should you go to in order to protect your pet from ingesting anything that might cause it harm?

There are approximately 140 plants that are toxic to cats, some more than others, but perhaps one plant definitely avoid is the Lilly. The plant is extremely poisonous to cats. If your cat licks its fur after getting Lilly pollen on it then it could be fatal. Prevention being better than cure the best way to avoid this is by not having the plant in your garden. Whilst it is worth removing potentially dangerous plants from your garden to help eliminate any potential danger, don’t worry too much, think of your cat as a young human, it is rare that a child would go into a garden and start pulling up plants and eating them.

Fortunately as well as their reputed nine lives, cats have an excellent survival instinct. Your cat will instinctively know not to eat any plants that are dangerous for it. If however it does ingest something that it shouldn’t then you should call your vet immediately. Don’t take chances with your cats health, it can’t tell you what is wrong, this is why cat insurance is a good option. It is important to recognize the signs that your cat is ill. If it has eaten something that is poisonous to it, then you may notice sudden behavior change. Your cat may vomit, or have convulsions. After eating Lilly your cat may show signs of depression, loose its appetite, and vomit. Untreated this will lead to dehydration, diarrhea, bad breath and breathing difficulties. Try not to panic and call your vet straight away. If you can find a sample of what you cat has eaten then save it and take it with you to your vet.

Fill your outdoor space with plants that your cat will enjoy such as Catnip, Valerian, and Lemon Grass and don’t treat them with harmful pesticides. Ultimately make your garden an environment that you and your cat can enjoy together.

About the author:

Helen Bagnato is a cat lover and writes for a number of websites including Cat Insurance UK.

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