Why You Should Make Your Own Cat Food

Guest Post by Margaret. Every responsible cat owner knows the importance of feeding your feline pal a nutritionally balanced diet to keep your pet in good health. Just as you try to eat a well balanced diet loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables, your own cat also needs to be properly fed to ensure optimum health.

While you may think that you are taking care of your cat when you open a bag of dried cat food, or give it a can of its favorite wet food, you should think about how commercial cat food is processed and try to find out what is really in the food you give. A good insight into this can be found on the website of bornfreeusa.org. Many commercial cat food preparation practices expose your cats food to chemicals, preservatives, bacteria as well as a ton of unhealthy additives such as flour and other extenders.

To take the guesswork out of things, why not make your own cat food? You cook for yourself and your family on a regular basis, so shouldn’t your cat deserve a home cooked meal as well? You may think it’s unusual to pick up ingredients for your cats chow and prepare a meal, but it’s actually a healthier and cheaper alternative than going commercial. Giving your cat commercial cat food on a daily basis is like the human equivalent of eating take out or buying fast food every single meal of your life. No wonder domestic cats are so prone to so many illnesses and diseases!

You will so save more money since you don’t need to pay for unnecessary processing, packaging and additives. Also, you’ll get higher quality food without wondering what exactly your cat is eating.

Preparing your own cat food is also better for the environment. You reduce the amount of tin waste that goes to landfills since you don’t have to contend with cat food packaging once you make your own cat food. Also, you will use less energy to make a batch of cat food for your pet, than a manufacturing plant that has to churn out tons of wet and dry cat food on a daily basis.

If your cat suffers from a medical ailment, it may even help to switch him to a more natural or homemade cat food diet, since you will eliminate unnecessary chemicals and preservatives in your cats diet. You can prevent your cat from getting chronic renal failure by eliminating commercial dry cat food from its diet. This condition can lead to cat death, and is associated with consuming high amounts of dry cat food.

Finally, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to do so. You can whip up a week’s worth of cat food in a few minutes because really, all it takes is combining the raw meat items with other ingredients and packing it in smaller containers so it can be refrigerated for the entire week.

Talk to your veterinarian about your cats diet and discuss your options. Cooking your cats food doesn’t actually entail heating of the food. In most cases, a raw food diet is best, so you only need to buy ground up meat and combine it with supplements or other healthy ingredients such as oats, grains, liver and even eggs.

Try it out and see the difference in your cats health and overall disposition!

About the author:

Healthcare writer Margaret Keely is an expert in nursing education and provides nursing classes. She is long time animal lover.

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