Three Good Reasons to Get a Cat Microchipped

Guest Post by Gayle. There are multiple benefits to microchipping a cat, a procedure that can be done quickly and affordably at your local animal hospital. Using a needle, a veterinarian swiftly inserts a microchip under the loose skin behind a cats neck and the cat won’t even need to be anaesthetized. A microchip is small, about the size of a grain of rice.

But what are the benefits to having a cat microchipped?

1. A cat can be returned to his owner if he gets lost.

Cats love to explore and they can sometimes get lost. Some cats are even transported hundreds of miles from home after investigating the inside of delivery vehicles! Lost cats are often taken into an animal hospital or shelter to try to reunite them with their owners. If a cat has a microchip, the veterinarian or animal shelter worker can scan the chip with a handheld scanner and instantly identify who he belongs to.

2. Cats that hate wearing collars can still be identified.

Some cats like to wriggle out of their collars and cat owners can spend a lot of money replacing them regularly. While collars can get lost, a microchip will stay with the animal for their entire lifetime and there’s no chance of it becoming dislodged. The cost of a microchip could even work out cheaper than the price of collar replacements.

Cats can sometimes get their collars caught on trees. They can even get their paws trapped underneath their collars causing discomfort, pain and even wounds that might need surgery. If a cat is microchipped, he won’t need to wear a collar.

3. A microchipped cat can use a microchip cat flap.

If a cat is microchipped he can use the latest in microchip cat flap technology such as the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap. The SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap is a selective entry cat door that will only unlock for the resident cats unique microchip number. Some selective entry cat doors require a cat to wear a collar and tag to operate them, but cats that use a microchip cat flap won’t need a collar at all.

Microchip cat flaps stop unwanted cats and wildlife from entering a house. Resident cats become more relaxed animals as they are no longer being terrorized by invading cats that spray in their territory and eat their food.

For more information about microchipping a cat, contact your local animal hospital.

About the author:

Gayle Bentham is a cat lover that writes for the SureFlap blog, What’s New Pussycat?

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