Feeding Kittens

Since your kitten’s body is going to go through major transformations in a short period of time (doubling in size several times in just mere months), good quality protein and nutrients will play an essential role.

Kittens should be eating four meals a day after weaning until they’re four or five months old. You can reduce it to three meals a day at this time if you wish, but it is fine to leave it at four. At six months of age, if you are planning on feeding on a schedule, you may then reduce meals to two or three times a day. If you are going to do free-choice feeding, provide your kittens with a growth-formula food at all times until they reach one year of age. At this time you may switch to an adult-formula. Make sure that all kittens are eating successfully without any problems and are gaining the appropriate weight if you are free-choice feeding. Be sure to replace food often and keep the bowl clean by washing it frequently to keep the food fresh and appealing to your kittens. It may even be a good idea to set up more than one feeding and water station if you have several kittens.

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