How To Bottle Feed Kittens

Feeding a kitten by bottle helps to satisfy the suckling urge, but bottle feeding will require that the kitten be strong enough in order to suck from the bottle. If using a commercial kitten nurser with a soft nipple, you will more than likely need to enlarge the hole in the nipple by using a hot needle so that the milk will slowly drip when the bottle is turned over. The kitten will otherwise become tired after a few minutes and will not receive the proper nourishment. Take care not to make the hole in the nipple too large however, if the milk comes out too fast, the kitten may choke or even inhale the formula which will lead to pneumonia.

The proper position to bottle feed a kitten is by holding the kitten upright on her stomach and chest. It is very important not to hold her on her back as you would a human baby, doing so will cause the formula to run into the trachea of the kitten. With the tip of your finger, open the kitten’s mouth, insert the nipple, and be sure to hold the bottle at a 45-degree angle. Take care to keep the angle of the bottle so that air does not get into the kitten’s stomach. To encourage suckling, keep a slight pull on the bottle. When the kitten has had enough of the formula, you will see bubbles start to come out around her mouth. Feeding takes five minutes or more with a slow drip.

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