How To Sex A Kitten

Shortly after birth the sex of a kitten can be determined. The genitalia of a kitten compared to that of an adult is more difficult to see. One should have no problem determining the sex however if you look carefully.

Face the kitten away from you and lift the tail to expose the anal region. You will see two openings in either sex. The first opening you will see will be located just below the base of the tail, this is the anus.

The vulva in a female kitten is a vertical slit which is seen immediately below the anus. The space between the anus and vulva in an adult female measures about half an inch (13 mm), in a kitten it is much closer.

The opening for the penis in a male kitten is directed backward. The tip of the penis will not be visible as it is hidden within a small, round opening which is located half an inch (13 mm) below the anus. These two openings on the male will be separated by the scrotal sacs. The scrotal sacs will appear as raised, darkish areas. Until the kitten is 6 weeks old the testicles may not be easily felt. Whether in an adult tom or neutered male, the anus and the opening for the penis are more than an inch (25 mm) apart.

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