Septicemia is an infection that is seen in kittens under two weeks of age. This infection can enter the bloodstream by way of an infected umbilical cord or through bacteria-infected milk.

Signs of septicemia include: distended, bloated stomachs, vocalization, and difficulty in defecation. The kitten may appear as if she’s constipated, but by taking a look at her bloated abdomen you’ll see that it has developed a dark red or blue color. As the infection worsens, the kitten will cease to nurse, develop a low body temperature, become dehydrated, and lose weight.

Treatment of septicemia involves determining the underlying primary cause. If the infection is caused by infected milk, the kittens will have to be removed from their mother and both she and her kittens will need care. The kittens must also be treated for dehydration and diarrhea.

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  1. The doctors on write about diseases like this. I recently found interesting the common signs of cancers for cats to watch out for. My cat needs constant care so its good to know more about septicemia here and lymphoma on WebVet.