Important Stages In Kitten Development

The following is an outline of some of the important stages in your kitten’s development.

The First Two Weeks

  • born blind and deaf
  • weight at birth will be approximately 3 1/2- 4 ounces
  • umbilical cords drop off after two or three days
  • unable to regulate body temperature
  • highly developed sense of smell
  • mother stays with kittens basically around the clock for the first twenty-four hours
  • weight will double in the first week
  • mother must stimulate each kitten’s elimination process by licking

Two Weeks-Four Weeks

  • eyes and ears open at about ten to fourteen days
  • milk teeth start to appear
  • at three weeks, the kittens are able to eliminate on their own
  • the mother shows her kittens how to cover their waste
  • social play begins between weeks three and four
  • important socialization time
  • righting reflex develops

Four Weeks- Eight Weeeks

  • able to groom themselves at five weeks
  • weaning should be completed by seven weeks
  • all baby teeth are in by eight weeks
  • continued important socialization time
  • play behavior gets rougher as weeks progress

Eight Weeks- Fourteen Weeks

  • kittens engage more frequently in object play
  • senses will be fully developed by twelve weeks
  • adult eye color established around twelve weeks
  • adult teeth begin to erupt at fourteen weeks
  • adult sleep patterns will begin to develop as weeks progress

Six Months- Twelve Months

  • kittens reach sexual maturity
  • continued growth at a slower pace

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