Defensive Aggression In Cats

In cats Defensive Aggression may happen quite suddenly, an example for instance, during pets. Your cat suddenly lashes out when moments before everything seemed fine. However, you will be able to recognize your cats body language that follows these outbursts if you carefully pay attention to the signs. Maybe your cat was enjoying the petting […]

The California Spangled Cat

The California Spangled Cat was the result of a 10 year breeding program which was started in 1971 by a Hollywood scriptwriter and a leading cat geneticist. The program took in Siamese, Angoras, Manx, and a number of non-pedigree domestic cats along the way. It’s aim was to produce a spotted cat which had all […]

Signs Of Liver Disease In Older Cats

The signs of liver disease in older cats may appear rather quick or more slowly. Symptoms include loss of appetite and weight loss, increased thirst, dark yellow urine, fluid buildup in the abdomen (which may be mistaken for the beginning of obesity), and jaundice (the yellowing of the skin, gums, and the whites of the […]

How To Make Your Cat Happy

Guest Post by Elle-Rose. Your cats mental wellbeing is just as important as it’s physical health and nutrition. Many owners simply assume that their pet is “happy” and often, as there is no certain way to tell, many of us might become lazy in ensuring our pet is living a happy and fulfilled life. It […]

Educate Yourself: Help Ward Away Ticks and Fleas this Summer

Guest Post by Angelita. Students may be out for summer, but blood sucking fleas and ticks are out too. These vermin can potentially do major damage to your feline friend and cause an array of diseases, including Lyme disease and tapeworms. While the best way to protect your pet from fleas and ticks is to […]

Adoption Options

Guest Post by Sarah.Adopting Old Adopting older shelter pets can be great for both the adopted and adoptee – the animals find good homes, get a second chance at the life they deserve and help to reduce stress (without the mess!) and increase the love and happiness in your life. Though it seems that we […]

The 4 Weirdest Cat Behaviors (And Where They Come From)

Guest Post by Tiffany. Get to know your cat better by understanding these funny behaviors One of the greatest joys of having cats is their quirkiness; they do so many things that seem inexplicable. Given their wild roots, however, many of these behaviors actually make perfect sense (to the cat, anyway). Here are some of […]

Allergic Rhinitis (Nasal Allergies) In Cats

Nasal allergies are characterized when a cat displays periodic bouts of sneezing that last for a short period of time and tend to recur from day to day. The cat will usually have a clear watery discharge from her nose. Most cases of nasal allergies are caused by the cat coming in contact with environmental […]

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