Why Do Cats Arch Their Backs?

A cat who is arching her back quite dramatically is doing so as a defensive reaction. When threatened she will do this to make herself look as intimidating as possible. In animals this is a very common reaction. For example, the cobra does this when it raises the front part of its body and spreads […]

Defensive Aggression In Cats

In cats Defensive Aggression may happen quite suddenly, an example for instance, during pets. Your cat suddenly lashes out when moments before everything seemed fine. However, you will be able to recognize your cats body language that follows these outbursts if you carefully pay attention to the signs. Maybe your cat was enjoying the petting […]

Cat Body Postures (Language)

The following is a brief guide to cat body language. Keep in mind that these are general descriptions only. When determining your own cat’s body language, take into account the environment she’s in. She may show only some of the characteristics of a certain body posture. In time, as you view your cat in certain […]

Cat Body Language

When cat’s communicate between one another, body language is more significant than vocal expression. The body language of the cat involves movements of the ears, whiskers, hair, spine, legs and tail. There are some experts today in fact who have claimed to have distinguished nine different facial expressions and sixteen body and tail postures. These […]

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