Why Cats Cough Up Hairballs

Your cat spends half of her waking hours grooming herself. As she licks her coat clean, she’ll ingest some of the hair along the way. Instead of normally passing through her gut, when too much hair accumulates in her stomach it can irritate the stomach lining which causes it to be coughed back up. This […]

Treating Cat Vomiting

Seek veterinary attention if you have any question about the seriousness or cause of the vomiting. A cat who has been vomiting can quickly become dehydrated as she loses body fluids and electrolytes. The likelihood of dehydration seriously increases if the vomiting is combined with diarrhea. It is very important to contact your veterinarian immediately […]

Dehydration In Cats

Dehydration is the loss of body fluids and often the loss of electrolytes (minerals). Illness, fever, prolonged vomiting and prolonged diarrhea are all causes of dehydration. To test your cat for dehydration, gently pull up on the skin of the upper back. It should snap right back into place. The cat is dehydrated if the […]