Campylobacteriosis In Kittens

Campylobacteriosis is an infectious disease which causes acute infectious diarrhea in kittens. It may also be found in shelters and catteries, mainly in cats who are poor condition and already suffering from other intestinal infections. A kitten acquires the bacterium when she comes into contact with contaminated water, food, animal feces, or uncooked beef or […]

Flat-Chested Kitten Syndrome or Pectus Excavatum?

Guest Post by Jemima. If you’ve just brought home a young kitten, or if your feline friend has recently had a litter, there are two respiratory conditions about which you should be aware—Flat-Chested Kitten Syndrome and Pectus Excavatum. Both conditions can be present in young kittens, and both have the potential to be fatal. While […]

Spinal Muscular Atrophy In Maine Coon Cats

Spinal Muscular Atrophy is a genetic defect that occurs in Maine Coon Cats. This disease occurs when the spinal cord nerves that control the skeletal muscles of the cats body and legs die off. When Maine Coon kittens are about 3 to 4 months of age, this is when the disease becomes apparent. The kittens […]

Common Illnesses In Kittens

Kittens like all living things can become ill. When your kitten isn’t feeling well, it’s not all that difficult to figure out that something’s just not right. A strong indicator that your kitten may be unwell is if she starts acting lethargic and doesn’t want to play as usual, since kittens, by nature, are usually […]

Toxic Milk Syndrome

The milk of a mother cat can become toxic to her kittens due to breast infections such as mastitis.  Commercial milk replacement may also be toxic if it has turned bad or has not been properly prepared. The signs of toxic milk syndrome can include diarrhea, excessive kitten volcalization, or a bloated stomach. Septicemia can […]

Fading Kitten Syndrome

Fading Kitten Syndrome is a disease that is believed to be transmitted to the kittens as they pass through the birth canal. After birth all will initially appear fine. The mother is healthy and the kittens are nursing. Then within the next week or two, one or more kittens die. If this disease doesn’t appear […]