Why Cats Eat And Dig Up Houseplants

You may catch your cat in the act of eating or digging up your houseplants, or you may discover the telltale sign that the plant has been destroyed. Why do cats engage in this behavior? Just like with dogs, cats may sometimes eat greenery in order to help aid their digestion or just because they […]

Keeping Your Cat Safe in Your Garden

Guest Post by Helen. The list of plants that are poisonous or toxic to cats is very long. What lengths should you go to in order to protect your pet from ingesting anything that might cause it harm? There are approximately 140 plants that are toxic to cats, some more than others, but perhaps one […]

Poisoning From Plants

The signs of plant poisoning will depend on the type of plant your cat has ingested. Vomiting, bloody diarrhea, excessive salivation, fever, difficulty breathing, depression, abdominal pain, collapse, irregular heartbeat, trembling, excessive irritation of the skin, mouth and throat ulcers may be present. The cats condition may deteriorate rather swiftly which can lead to convulsions, […]